Urethral Chain Insertion and Masturbation Peehole with Toothbrush

Extreme female masturbation video with urethral sounding with brushes, fingering and gapping her pee hole using a long speculum. Fucking with a toothbrush with vibrator. Insertion into bladder of a metal chain with 51 Inch (1,30 mt) long through a tube.

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The naughty girl use a speculum to open her pussy and show all the interior of her vagina. First she begin fingering her piss hole very deep and when she is hot, take a toothbrush and penetrate her urethra, turn on the vibrator of the toothbrush and fucking the peehole with stimulating the G-Spot to get a orgasm.

Next the amazing girl insert a long speculum to stretch the urethra. The gaping is very big and this causes that she start squirting piss and fall inside the vagina until fill it of urine.

When stretching is enough, she take out the speculum and insert a huge clear tube deeply. Now her partner take a metal chain of 51 inch (1,30 mt) of long and binds a thread of nylon on one end and begin to insert the chain inside her bladder through the tube until all the whole chain disappears inside her urethra.

Now its the moment of penetrate with 4 brushes the peehole while all the chain stays inside bladder. You can see just the thread coming out from one end of the chain, remaining 1,30 meters inside his bladder. She set a vibrator on clitoris and fucking with the brushes the peehole until get a orgasm. Watch like she masturbates deep with the 4 brushes while the chain keep inside her bladder.

After comes the spectacular moment where she begin to take out the long chain from her bladder. Watch the most relevant sounding video with long objects insertion into bladder with exciting hot sex scenes and close-up. Masturbation until orgasm fingering and rubbing her G-Spot stimulating it with a tootbrush with vibrator.

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