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Extreme female peehole fucking masturbation with huge sounds of differents size to strech the urethra. After she keep the metal probe inside until bladder, take a electric butt plug and insert it in ass and a metal clamp to the sound. Next take a strong german electrostimulator unit and connect both electrodes. Turn on the device and there turns the control of power for the maximum thing that she is capable of supporting.

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Amazing sex video masturbation showing as a girl fucking her pee hole and using a huge japanese sound connected to a german electric stimulation device with other electrode to a special butt plug inserted into ass to carry electricity to anal zone at the same time.

She adds a vibrator on the clitoris to get a orgasm the most intense possible. After she pee in a glass and swallow all piss.

Masturbation with electrostimulation in genital area is very used in BDSM practiques but its possible to use as erotic stimulation adding the sensation to fuck the urethra and the electricity of the ten unit to stimulate many nerve endings since the G-spot. If you also insert other electric toy into ass and put a vibrator on the clitoris, the sensation and the orgasm must be very intense.

Watch free porn video how to use german electrostimulation unit into female peehole. Also a japanese electric anal butt plug and a strong vibrator on the clitoris to get a exciting and intense orgasm.

After to get the orgasm with electric masturbation, the girl also wanted to taste her piss. She put a glass under the pussy and started pissing inside the glass. Then she drinking the whole piss of the glass.

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