Peehole Play with 2 Knifes and Urethral Sounding with Kitchen Utensils

Awesome video where a woman uses different kitchen utensils in the peehole to masturbate. Handle of wooden spoon, fork, many plastic swizzle sticks and finally the insertion of 2 knifes for the side of the steel blade with which masturbates to orgasm.

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The girl sets a speculum into her pussy to keep it open and begins to stretch her pisshole fingering. Then starts to penetrate her urethra with the handle of a spoon of wood, a fork and other kitchen utensils.

Next she begin to insert until 8 plastic swizzle sticks in the urethra. Finally take a knife and inserts it by the handle but when she feels that is very hot, turn the knife and inserts it up to most deep by side of the steel sheet and then insert other one, puts a vibrator on the clitoris and starts fucking her peehole with 2 knifes to orgasm.

She wants sex fun in different ways and explore other sensations. After stretching her peehole with fingering she begin to insert different kitchen utensils increasingly thicker. She took a sharp steel knifes and insert it by the handle. Stunning girl turn the knife and penetrates very deeply into her excited peehole and like she feel is not enough, insert other knife more, set a magic wand vibrator on clitoris and masturbate with the 2 knifes blade into her pisshole until orgasm. Impressionable people better not to look this video.

Many women have used kitchen utensils ever to masturbate her pussy inserting handles of cutlery, spoons, forks, knifes, silicon spatulas, ladle, rolling pin, tongs, basting brush, wooden spoons, metal ballon whisk and of course vegetables as carrots, cucumbers, eggplants and many other objects for domestic use.

Some of them are very dangerous because they can cause damage to cut or pinch yourself with them, as well as the possibility of having an infection not being properly sterilized.

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