Peehole Play and Sounding with Hegar Medical Dilators

Hot female masturbation with very closeup video scenes of a girl with a speculum to open wide her pussy. She begin stretching her peehole nicely with her finger working her way to getting her urethra fucked with large diameter medical instruments.

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Next she penetrate with huge Hegar sounds her pisshole and fucking hard while rub her pierced clitoris with a vibrator until orgasm.

Peehole play is a fantastic experience known also as sounding, since the name of the objects used for urethra penetration are called sounds.

Usually a sounds dilators kit has around 16 sizes, since 3 mm until 20 mm. The best is to sterilize the sounds with alcohol wipes beforehand and to use a good water based lube. Start with a fairly small size and go slowly up in size only after you feel confortable. Huge size only get with lot of training.

Also the medical sounds are made for gyno procedure with surgical steel to avoid adverse reactions in the urethra. Its very important to have sterilized all the sounds, to maintain a very good hygiene on the hands and vulva. Its a good idea also to have a speculum to facilitate the insertion of the sounds.

Porn videos of peehole are a special fetish with lot of the women sounding her pisshole and masturbate sometimes with a vibrator to get more strong orgasm.
To get the best sensation with peehole play you must use a good cream water-soluble and anti allergic. With patience and training you will can sounding your urethra stretching each day more and to get amazing orgasms.

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