Endoscope Camera in Peehole Urethral Sounding in woman bladder with Balls

Look inside of bladder with piss and full of balls using a endoscopic camera inserted by the urethra while she masturbates the clitoris using a powerfull magic wand vibrator.

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Mature milf woman urethral sounding with a endoscope camera inspection inner while other different cam show the outside and so you can enjoy both hot scenes at once and close up. Also she masturbates fucking with a huge german probe 16 mm diameter stretching her hole a getting stimulation of the G-spot until orgasm.

She always carries a long, thick screw to keep the gap stretched. This gives her pleasure when walking and so when she opens her pussy you can observe lot creamy. The medical hospital speculum keeps the pussy open so that access to the hole and the shots are clear and spectacular.

28 large balls for necklaces are dilled with a thread or string that will be inserted by the pisshole to the inside of the bladder aided by a long tube or pushed with your finger inwards. Then a medical endoscopic camera is inserted that shows us the inside of the urethra and the balls swimming in the piss inside the bladder.

She then inserts a thick probe with which she masturbates until orgasm while the balls remain inside. Then it's time to pull out the ball necklace in an impressive scene. Finally she reintroduces the long screw with which the video began.

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