Pee hole play with sound until orgasm

Fucking the peehole sounding with large probe and using a vibrator on clítoris to get a strong orgasm. Hot video a girl masturbate her pee hole with a large sound hegar. She insert the probe very deep by urethra until top of the bladder fucking very fast and next to use a power vibrator on the clitoris to feel more hard and get a strong orgasm.

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Get orgasms fucking the peehole is a different sensation to fuck the pussy or anal fucking because the urethra go very near the G-spot and it do to feel a strong orgasm.

Video of girl pee hole playing with sound to orgasm showing a different metod of pleasure with more easy access to rub the G-spot. The probes or sounds are a gyno medical tool of steel and they are available in many diameters. Sounds can be used to stret the urethra and insert other objects more huge.

Some girls say to get hard orgasms and a good sensation is better to use 12 mm diameter or more huge. To do this is very important to train with little diameters, a good lube and all very clean to avoid infections and problems.

A good vibrator on the clitoris is a excellent idea to masturbate and get double sensations and best preasure while pee hole play with sound to orgasm.

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