Injection in Pee Hole with Inflation of Bladder by Lesbians

Milf Jav lesbians have kinky sex play inflate the bladder with weird fluid inyected with syringe into pee hole and the uterus of the other lesbian one is filled with lot of a green liquid using other huge syringe with a long tube inserted into the cervix until to get uterus inflation. Mature lesbians also fuck pee hole with dildo full of huge balls, squirting orgasms with the insertion of the handle of a cleaning brush, a potato peeler or stretching the pisshole with many fingers.

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Although irrigation, enema and lavages are usually done by the anus, nevertheless these lesbians wanted to try inflating the bladder by irrigating with a green liquid injected through the pee hole until the bladder is filled and then expelling jets of the enema at the same time as the urethra is fucked. Uncensored liquid bladder inflation video.

Japanese water belly inflation videos are known for inserting a tube into the anus, often connected to the shower, which causes the belly to expand, creating an effect that many people are excited about, although this is also used to make washes known as enema. These lesbians did an enema in the bladder by inserting a tube into the pee hole connected to a huge syringe and injecting a strange green liquid until the bladder was inflated and leaving the syringe completely empty, even the remaining liquid of the tube is blown inwards by the perverse lesbian forcing the bladder to expand to the maximum.

After mature starts fucking the pee hole with a dildo causing the enema to be expelled in strong spurts. Exclusive enema video with hot pee scenes, hot squirting, peehole fucking with dildo with balls, 2 fingers in urethra while with the other hand opens pussy, screwdriver handle, cleaning brush and more uncensored sex. Also lesbian fuck the cervix of the other one with sex toys and large objects performing similar scenes but this time filling the uterus with liquid and fucking the cervix with huge objects, fingering and dildos. Watch liquid inflation video with the most kinky lesbians pee hole fucking.

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