Watch free videos of female playing with the peehole and trying some urethral playing as well. The insertion of objects by the urethra is known as Peehole Fucking or Urethral Play. This practice is known as also as "Sounding", since the name of the objects used for urethral penetration are called sounds. Here you will watch the best peehole fucking videos with dildo, urethral sounding with electrostimulation, vibrators and fingering the piss hole. You will have fun with this exciting fetish and you will can learn some tips and how female do pee hole play. Intended to practice fucking in peehole getting things through the urethra is to feel and see how a bizarre object comes within your pussy by a different hole, feel how being drawn inside until you get depth your bladder, rubbing your interior and reaching unimaginable sensations.

Female Peehole Play is very common in sadomasochistic practices videos, both among homosexuals, heterosexual couples or masturbation, where inserted bar surgical steel (probes or sounds) in the urethra of women. Sometime the metal sound is connected to a electrostimulator unit (e-stim) to get other different sensation. The pleasure felt by many people with this sexual practice can be very intense or unpleasant for others. Lot females tend to masturbate with objects inserted in the urethra while using a vibrator on the clitoris to get intense orgasms.

Urethral penetration is very exciting, to fuck the urethra will stimulate many nerve endings since the G-spot is slashing and produces a curiosity and excitement when you feel an object entering the hole of the piss, that's why is called "urethral fucking".

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Watch Free Porn Pee Hole Play Videos

The insertion of objects into the pisshole is very old but due to censorship, ancient cultural and moral values had not spoken to much of it due to being a taboo subject.

With the advent of the internet and video facilities began to appear funny videos of women fucking her gap and the peehole play. The use of a good German Speculum as collin type do it easy to view of the piss hole and the insertion of objects. It is common to use as a toy sounds type Hegar with jelly or cream water-soluble. Do not use cream containing anesthetic because will not feel the sensations that they are intended to and also could cause damage to the urinary meatus due to lack of sensitivity. The set for sounding Hegar can be purchased that include several measures that usually range from 3 mm to 20 mm made in surgical steel. It is very important to sterilize all the bars before use and maintain hygiene in all toys that are used. Sounding with electrostimulation can be fun but only to experts.

Best peehole play videos are made by people who have experience and know very well the technique. It is not a recommended practice for anyone as it requires expertise and specialty items in addition to many asepsis and sterilization of objects. Many people are afraid to use objects as house utensils, cables, beverage stirrers, ear buds, pencils or drivers know that they run a serious risk of infection or an injury.

Lot people say... I love streching the pee hole of my wife, and she also cums quickly when we play that way, its a great way to explore!!.

I started my wife urethra stretching with small tiny objects and catheters. Later we begin with little dildos and huge sounds. She cums better than ever in her life since we started the peehole play. I fuck her with the toy or my fingers in and out of her pisshole while licking or use a vibrator on her clit. She explodes in massive orgasms, squirting and rather quickly. I have the dream can fuck with my dick in her peehole.

It is very difficult to fuck by pee hole but it's fun to enjoy and to do naughty with this other hole.

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